How to find my Member ID in Slack workspace

Mosh Feu
2 min readMar 10, 2019


A direct link to a slack member profile in specific workspace looks like:


How to find WorkspaceName and MemberID?

Photo by Scott Webb on Unsplash


Click on the workspace name and find it in the 2nd section


  1. Go to “Profile & Account”
Click on the arrow, next the the workspace’s name, then on “Profile & Account”

2. Click on “more action” (The 3 dots) button

Will be displayed in the right panel

3. Click on the “Copy Member ID” option to copy it to your clipboard

When you paste this link to your browser, it will try to open the slack app and you’ll see this screen (also in mobile) for couple of seconds:

A redirect screen, which means the link is working

If you see it, this is good, that means the link you generated is working.

In other hand, if you see the screen below, you should double check the details you supplied.

Error screen, not good, you need to fix the link

So the final link for this demo, looks like this:

Reminder: You can use it only if you’re a member of this workspace.



Mosh Feu